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Gender Detection cup assembly

   Can be detected in the urine of human chorionic gonadotropin (referred to as HCG), the male hormone (testosterone) and the secretion of female hormones in the mother's...

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Detection Principle

   The reagent by separating a specific body hormones and specific chemical reaction mixture, can be reflected in different shows two...

Ultrasonic Testing


      How early can I tell if my baby is a boy or a girl with ultrasound.Answer: An ultrasound is the least invasive way to find out if you...

Gender Detection cup assembly


    American Check Gender treasure measure tire market. More scientific, more authoritative, more accurate...

Use the correct

   Within 48 hours before the test ban sexual, emotional or hormonal ups and downs through the event causes the body to produce special chemical substances, thus affecting the test results...

Boy or Girl?

  Please give us a chance of mutual trust, we will circle you with a dream full of miracles! Test results are accurate 90% or more! Regardless of sex between men and women, it is your baby. Respect life!

Legends Quiz

   Remember, this is for fun. These are based on science or fact. This is your grandmother would tell you that you walk around in the house, she was pregnant. So do not be alarmed if you say one thing ultrasound...

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Will your baby be a boy or a girl? Use technology or folk lore to find out! Including photos! Can you influence this before your baby is born?

US measure fetal sex detection Cup six weeks to treasure home safe and secure use of detection boys or girls born!

Creative Ways to Reveal the Sex of Your Baby  ​

    Looking for a fun way to announce whether you're having a boy or girl? Here are a few ways to keep the suspense going with a big thrill at the end...